From the rollicking music of the Scottish Highlands and the robust blues of the Southern US Delta, to the Rock 'n' Roll revolution of the 1950's and 60's, to their current recordings, Fiddle n Blues is a tuneful journey of two sons of the Campbell's of Hay Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who combine their varied and distinctive talents to bring you a raucous musical experience.

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  Fiddle n Blues  


"John with his many guitars and engaging humour and Cam with his Cape Breton fiddle reeled the audience in with lively anecdotes and excellent harmonies...two great musicians." 

Susie McDonell, Catering Unlimited


"Mike's fiddle and John's blues are a treat! They lit our place up with clapping, toe tapping and laughter. A great night!"

Jim Brim, President, Waverley Legion


"Everything you would ever want your house concert to be! Lively, talented musicians, connecting with the audience in a way that only a house concert can provide, offering everything from jokes to jigs and reels and crowd pleasing blues. Everyone had a blast". R & J. House concert hosts, Enfield, NS