• Road To Glencoe (Dan R Macdonald) - Brenda Stubbert (Jerry Holland)4:14
  • Aunt Agnes Hitchhike's to Port Hood (John Campbelljohn)4:39
  • Road To Glencoe (Dan R Macdonald) - Brenda Stubbert (Jerry Holland)4:14


Invite a travelling kitchen party into your venue or home, with our unique concert event. 

Rosin up the bow and off we go, before you know, out comes the dobro.   

Pick up the pace, add some face, pick your poison and hear the noise in, the room.

It's magic...

We'll make your feet stomp and your hands clap.

‚ÄčWe'll have ourselves a time! 



If you've been lucky enough to see these kickin' cousins perform, you know what joyful music is all about.

A great combination of traditional fiddle, soul-wrenching blues, swing and rock n roll. Winston Scotty Fitzgerald, Mississipi Fred MacDowel, Stones, Beatles......You name it...

Except heavy metal. Don't name that, or John starts playing devil death  metal, and that ain't pretty. 

Email for booking information;
Mike Cam Campbell 


John Campbelljohn